BIG Week 2 – Journal End of week

What memory did I choose?

I choose the memory of the first time I entered into an art contest at Kmart and colored a rooster with a yellow background. I won! I think I was only 7.

Why did I choose this memory?

I choose this memory because I am on this Art Thing so I have been thinking about all the Art things I have done in my life. This was one of the very first art things I can remember.

What was challenging about this painting this week?

The challenging thing about this painting was one I draw best by looking at something. I resisted this urge to look at what a rooster would look like and just basically tried to really paint my memory. It was also challenging to just paint a rooster.

What was I resisting–and how did my resistance take form? 

I was resisting the urge to shade the chicken add more colors. I even wanted to paint something other than the background. I kept thinking it looked like a 7 year old . It is one ugly bird with a rhino  nose!

How did I work past my challenges and what lesson(s) did I learn?

I walked away from the rooster. I painted it and then I walked away. I let it go. I had to or I would have kept adding to it and then it wouldn’t have been my memory.

What surprised me this week?

I was completely okay walking away. I thought wow what do I do with with this big rooster now. And I don’t care! I don’t care what anybody says. I think its kind of funny but I love the fact that I remembered my first art thing I won.

I also started with my bigger paper and its too thick and I can’t keep it up on the wall! It is stronger than I thought it would be but I loved it when I got to working with it.

What intention(s) do I hold in my heart for next week?

Paint with no plan. Feel the painting.

What does BIG look and feel like to me now?

Bigger – I need to go bigger! And I want to explore some other colors.