BIG Week 2 – Memory – The K-Mart Rooster

So our assignment from Connie this week is to paint a memory and journal about it. This whole journal thing is a little strange to me but as I am learning you just have to DOOOOOO IIIIITTTT!

I have been thinking lately of how my art got started. My earliest memory of coloring something was when I think I was 7-8 (I think). We bought all our medications at the K-mart pharmacy and I remember going there and they had all these roosters (I think they were roosters) that children had colored. Somehow I got one and and colored it myself and turned it in.

I remember the actual coloring part. I couldn’t get my colors bright enough. Since this is a memory and I can only tell you what I think I colored but I know the background was yellow! BRIGHT YELLOW with a little bit of orange in it. I remember the action of pushing down so hard on the yellow crayon until it was a nub. I remember the Red the same way and I think the rooster had blue pants that were just as bright.

The next thing I remember is being in my front yard with the drawing a $25 or $50 reward and a first place ribbon. I had won! I remember the grass being so green that day almost unreal green. We always had the best grass! I don’t remember what I did with the reward money but I remember thinking I don’t think we should cash this check cause this is the first money I have ever won.

I remember feeling so proud and smiling. I might have even thought then – I got this art thing! I don’t know if my mom still has the colored rooster from K-Mart. It would be awesome to show it here.

Today this memory brings up some sweet tears of knowing even then my artwork was good enough so why do I question it today? And the other funny thing is that I won first place in another art show when I was in Middle School with my Clown. That is another story for another day. The clown did hang in my grandparents house and when I got married my grandmother gave it to my hubby.

It brings up the color yellow. It seems to be in everything I paint these days which is odd because yellow is not my favorite color. Actually I look terrible in yellow! I still can’t seem to get my yellow bright enough still. I will paint layers upon layers to get it bright enough.